Consulting Associates

Andrew Maland

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Information Technology (IT)

Andrew has a Diploma in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and has commenced studying for a Bachelor of Geospatial Information Technology. He is the GIS analyst for ND&A. He has worked in the field of GIS and Information Technology for over 15 years.

Andrew provides a high quality level of skills and knowledge in the following areas:

He is also an Information Technology specialist with ND&A and coordinates all IT projects.

Andrew was a former director and founding member of ACHM.

Professional experience

Andrew was the GIS Department Manager and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Manager at ACHM for 15 years where he was responsible for:

Enterprise-wide to local and remote office locations:

Aylza Donald


Aylza is an anthropologist and archaeologist who has managed cultural heritage surveys in South Australia, and the Pilbara and Goldfields areas in Western Australia.

She has experience in anthropological and archaeological field surveys, research, analysis, report writing and project management.

In her previous employment at Australian Cultural Heritage Management Aylza carried out research for a Native Title connection report, completed in-house training in Aboriginal archaeology, and participated in joint anthropological and archaeological field surveys.

Aylza has a First Class Honours degree in Anthropology from the University of Adelaide, where she also tutored anthropology, and a Graduate Diploma in Archaeology and Heritage Management from Flinders University.

She has a strong interest in both industrial archaeology and Aboriginal archaeology, with a particular focus on contact and post-contact archaeology.

Aylza also has a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) from Massey University, New Zealand.

Prior to her employment in cultural heritage she worked in public health and public health research in Sydney and Adelaide, including two years in the Aboriginal community of Redfern in the late 1990s.

Aylza enjoys building and maintaining excellent working relationships with Aboriginal people and developing her knowledge of Aboriginal cultural, social and economic life.

Dr Martin Wimmer


Martin Wimmer PhD is an archaeologist and works as a heritage consultant for ND&A and formerly for ACHM. He holds tertiary qualifications in archaeology, the arts (history and literature) and business. Martin has previously worked within the South Australian Arts/Heritage sector at the South Australian Museum and Art Lab and in the Education sector as an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University.

Martin has a broad range of expertise spanning the areas of Indigenous, historical and maritime archaeology. With regard to Indigenous archaeology, Martin has conducted numerous Indigenous cultural heritage surveys throughout Western Australia and South Australia taking into account various legislative requirements and processes. Furthermore, Martin has particular experience excavating traditional burials and assisting various Traditional Owner groups with the repatriation process.

He was one of the lead archaeologists during the Seaford Rail excavations that saw some 17 individuals exhumed from an area subject to a rail development, which in itself was a highly political project requiring advanced project management and inter-personal skills given the number of Traditional Owners from two different groups on site at any one time.


Professional Affiliations

Dr Peter Gifford

Ethno History and Heritage Surveys

Peter Gifford, a former ABC journalist, was awarded a doctorate in Australian history from Murdoch University, WA, in 1997. He has a first class honours degree in Australian history, also from Murdoch University, and was the inaugural winner of the C.A.L.M. prize for environmental history at Murdoch in 1991. Dr Gifford also won the Natalia Davies prize for Australian history at the University of Adelaide in 1983.

Dr Gifford is the author of two books - Black and white and in between: Arthur Dimer and the Nullarbor (2002) and No Winners: The British Seamen’s Strike of 1925 (2005) - and numerous journal articles dealing with Indigenous and other areas of Australian history. In 2000 Dr Gifford contributed two chapters to Facing North: A Century of Australian Engagement with Asia, Vol. 1, published by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to mark the centenary of Federation.

He has also taught courses in Aboriginal history at Murdoch University and the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle.

In 1993 he was the first ethno-historian appointed by the WA Museum’s Department of Aboriginal Sites (since incorporated into the Department of Aboriginal Affairs heritage section); his Nullarbor book resulted from research begun while at DAS.

It was as a result of his Nullarbor work with the late Mr Arthur Dimer that Dr Gifford became involved with Dr Neale Draper and the Goldfields Land and Sea Council in native title research for the Ngadju and Mirning groups, of whom Mr Dimer was a senior representative. In particular Dr Gifford assisted Mr Dimer in the drafting of affidavits based on the life experience related in the book on which they collaborated.

Dr Gifford has also conducted extensive oral history interviews with Noongar, Yamatji and Banyjima people.


Clive Taylor, ASC


Clive Taylor brings a vast depth and breadth of experience to ensuring complete digital records are kept of important heritage sites and matters. Native Title matters now include digital recordings as evidence. Over the last 15 years, Clive has been specializing in recording Aboriginal oral history with ACHM working with companies such as BHP Biliton, Rio Tinto, Western Mining Corp. and F.M.G. all over Australia. Clive has also continued doing freelance camera work, covering national and international events.

Clive Taylor worked for the Australian Broadcasting Commission in South Australia and Victoria, as a documentary cameraman and also in Natural History for over 20 years. Prior to that he worked for the New Zealand Broadcasting Commission.

Clive has worked with Sir David Attenborough & BBC TV as well as American, Italian, German and French TV.

Clive is a member of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS).

Dr Ian Moffat

Remote Sensing & Ground Penetrating Radar

Dr Ian Moffat is an archaeological scientist who specialises in the use of geophysical, geochemical, geoarchaeological and geomatic techniques for cultural heritage investigations.

He is a Research Fellow within the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University, was formerly a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies and holds a PhD from the Australian National University and a BA and BSc (Hons) from University of Queensland.

He is currently a Consultant at Archaeometry Pty Ltd and was formerly a Principal Instructor at Precipice Training and Communications and Business Manager at Ecophyte Technologies.

His research interests include landscape scale geophysical investigation of archaeological sites, 3D modelling of rock art with photogrammetry, locating unmarked graves with geophysics and novel isotope methods for archaeology.

Geophysics for cultural heritage is cutting edge and provides a non-invasive, three dimensional coverage that provides rapid data collection. This methodology provides insights into landscape history and Archaeology.