Company Profile


ND&A provides high-quality and cost-efficient professional services in the following areas:


ND&A brings together expert consultants in the core disciplines associated with cultural heritage management and research. We work as a team to integrate the necessary information and skills to make sure that each consulting project achieves a high standard of heritage management in all fields, and at a reasonable cost.


The ND&A team provides a wealth of experience in Aboriginal and historic archaeology, with a proven track record in the management of some of the most complex archaeological projects in Australia. Our expertise includes archaeological field survey, excavations (including culturally-sensitive recovery of traditional Aboriginal burials), stone artefact and faunal analysis, GIS-based predictive modelling, rock art recording and analysis, cultural heritage management planning and native title expert assessment and reporting.

Anthropology & Native Title

ND&A anthropologists are highly qualified experienced experts in conducting native title connection research, community liaison and meeting facilitation, preservation-of-evidence recording, cultural mapping, and providing heritage clearances and site recording on behalf of traditional owners.

GIS Spatial Solutions

ND&A heritage research and management work incorporates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) field-data recording, digital mapping and analysis to produce spatial products of unrivalled quality and accuracy. We utilise the ESRI family of GIS products, but can provide data to clients in any popular format. We maintain an extensive spatial data library and can produce high quality digital and traditional mapping products for our clients.

Remote Sensing & Ground Penetrating Radar

ND&A provides remote sensing expertise, including ground-penetrating radar surveys to determine the presence or absence of sub-surface cultural material prior to any excavation. This technology can save considerable time and money under suitable site conditions, through non-intrusive remote-sensing surveys of development locations where ground-disturbing works are proposed, to identify potential sub-surface archaeological sites and burials before construction work commences.

Visual Anthropology & Archival Recording

ND&A provides professional video-ethnography recording of heritage and Native Title projects - producing broadcast-quality audio-visual documentation of native title and expert heritage evidence, cultural mapping and oral history for Aboriginal custodians, documentary-style recording of cultural heritage projects, cultural tourism and heritage interpretation material, and cultural heritage awareness and induction products for major projects.


ND&A conducts strategic ethno-historical research of relevant archival and published resources to reveal the Aboriginal and historic cultural-heritage associations for specific places and associated groups of people.


ND&A is an Adelaide based company that has the capacity to provide services throughout Australia and Internationally.